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In january i had an abortion that was the worst thing i ever done i regret it so much i feel like i lost a part of me i am sadden by thhs everyday and also feel as if i need to conceive again to get closure please give me advice
posted by Tarole (age 25) on 4/18/2010 @11:35:42 PM •
You are still going through post-mortum depression. I went through post-partum depression for at least six months. This is a serious condition. You need to talk to a doctor or psychiatrist as soon as you can, dealing with it sooner than later can help you to start the healing process, before it gets worse.

Best of luck.
posted by Kate (age 22) on 4/23/2010
OH Man , **** . Wowww , Okay , Well This IS WOW . Abortion is Wrong . But Tarole Its Okay . If You Regret It and Feel As If It Was A Mistake Thats Okay Everyone Makes Mistakes . We're Humans Thats What We Do . Your Dwelling on The Past . That Isnt Right . Let It Go . Do Things That Make You Happy . So You Could Slowly Get Over It . Honestly , Its Okay , i mean Seriously , You Made A Mistake . Doesnt Everyone ? And You Know If You Werent Ready For A Baby . You Werent Ready . You Know Its Tough On Us Girls . The Throwing Up , The Pushing the Baby Out , The Fat We Have After , The Baby Cries , The Diapers We Have To Change , Im Not Saying It Was Right What You Did . But You Have A Perfect Reason Why You Did It . Its Gonna Be Okay . The Sun WILL Shinee (:
posted by Tiffany on 4/27/2010

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