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I am a stay at home young mother. Not so young, but, young enough. I have become your typical domesticated house wife, but, I still enjoy my friends and my social life or what is left of it.

My grandma watches my son almost every Saturday night-for the benefit of her and I and my son. They go to church Sunday morning together and then I go pick him up anywhere from 11am-2pm depending on mine and my grandma's plans for Sunday.

My grandma has had to have foot surgery to correct her hammer toe, so, I decided to ask my mother if she would watch my son either Friday night or Saturday night. And she can't because she is going to be busy going out to a redneck bar getting drunk.-mind you she is not a drunk, maybe a weekend warrior but not a drunk. Either way, it pisses me off.
Over the last 3 and a half years of mine and my son's life, she has watched him maybe 8 times-this is including maybe only an hour of babysitting each session.
I guess it is so upsetting because she is acting like she doesn't want to watch him ever.

As well, when I ask her about watching him, she always seems to turn her guilt around on me as if to try and make it out so that I am just not a good mother.

I have just recently completed my high school diploma and have been contemplating moving to be closer to a college I will be attending in the fall. I am doubting this move though, I will end up being 3 hours away from the nearest relatives. Not only would I not have a support system or weekend babysitter, my son would not be around his family. I am a firm believer in growing up with family around. this is how I was raised. I learned many things from all of my family. But, for the benefit of my career and my sons life I feel like there is really no point in sticking around my family. They have all left me for there own lives.

My dad lives across the US with his fiance, my mom is wrapped up in her divorce induced 9 year need to feel like a teenager stage that rarely cares to see us. My sister is well into her career and marriage and has no kids yet so we don't do much together still. My brother is well into his social and work life with no kids, we work out together. My grandparents on my dads side are a bit resentful to us because we lived with our mom after they divorced and **** went down. My mom's mom and my step granddad are really the only people in my family that I visit on a weekly basis. My fiance's family loves my son and visits a lot, but, they can barely communicate with me because of their severe schizophrenic personality.

So....any thoughts?
posted by Kate (age 22) on 4/23/2010 @4:46:54 PM •
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