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"baby momma issues"
i started dating this guy about a month ago, things been going great, met his daughter, who he takes great care of and his friends, and few of his family. Suddenly a couple of days ago he got unexpected news about a child that may be his. its a grl and shes 13 yrs old. he tOlD me that the he was good friends with the mother it was a one time thing, it was neva serious. okay watever! he neva had a clue, she was pregnant,she neva tol him. she now tells him tht he is the father. I saw a picture of the grl (13yr old daughter) and immedietly i thought it was his older daughter who he takes care of, which she is 15. now his 15 yr old daughter told me tht he cheated on her mother with this women,... Anyway ever since he got the news he has been texting the women, constanly ,.he tells me they only talk about the 13yr old grl. (Mind you she is having problems with her husband).so I go and see him hes texting, we go out to eat hes texting, we go for a stroll on the beach theyre texting, we get bk to the house again texting ..i confront him and tell him how i feel and he tells me that theyre talking about the grl, and she tellin him about her husband,.and he want to meet his daughter so he was trying to meet up with the his daughter and mom..okay now he flipped on me cus i didnt like the idea he was on the phone with her the whole day,.he says i need to b understsanding, he is not gonna let me get in between him and his daughter, so i apologize cus i need to be more understanding,plus i was being selfish..i got over it..that night i came home,at 1am i text him, called him,no reply..he tex me he was talking to his daughter.. so i said okay..he says he will call in a sec, half hour went by i called him and he says his phone dying, (which i belived cus his charger was left in my car).. i said goodnite..wen i went to go c him today everything was okay,.. the women text him, he tells me , she jus tex me jus now, i said its fine ...( trying to be understanding),..k so me, him, plus a few of his immediate family hanging out ,.his daughter (he takes care of) starts talking about nite b4 and about her new sister,..than she says to her dad wat was u guys talking about and he aswered her... than he slipped out and said, SHE FELL ASLEEP AND ME AND COBY WAS TALKING FOR ABOUT AN HOUR...COBY is the mother of his 13yr old daughter..( the women)... I got upset didnt show know emotion to it just got up and decided to leave...he knew something was wrong but i played it off like it was nothing.. i dnt kno wat to do at to approach him with this situation, with out feeling selfish, and non- understanding. i really like him and he tells me he does too.. he shows it but i just dont know..HELP!!!ANYONE
posted by vanessa (age 23) on 4/25/2010 @12:45:54 AM •
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