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As much as i hate to admit it, I'm in love with a girl I have known for about 4 years. The thing that really drew my attention to her was a sense her having interst in me. I've talked to her many times and let her know that I have feelings for her but i haven't said love (very dangerous! lol) She doesn't completely admit to the same feelings and insists on being friends for "secretive" reasons. After agreeing to friendship, I always get more hints interest from her... The question is: Should I keep being friends with her and continue playing tiring games.... or should i just LET IT GO?
posted by Easy O on 1/21/2008 @11:42:00 PM •
here is my advice to you, i think if she is playing mind games with you, you should go up to her privately, and say "Look heres the thing i have been sencing that you want to be more then friends and hey if that is true then cool lets do it." i mean just take the chance if you like her that much!!!
posted by marrisa on 1/30/2008

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