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I am a special education teacher at a high school. My passion, and major, is English, but I have been stuck teaching math because of lack of qualified people to do it. A few years ago, a position opend up in general education English, and I took the position. I loved it. The next year the school had to restructure and shift people around. I was given the option to go back to special ed so that people could be moved instead of losing their jobs. I agreed, and they gave me all math classes in special ed. I do not like teaching math, and I really miss English. I have been very unhappy. So this year, another position opened up. A friend of mine subbing at the school really wanted to apply for the position, but i really wanted to get back into English. When I asked her, she told me to go for it, so I did. Two days later, she was running to others crying and telling them how upset she was I applied for it, and told me how I wasn't a true friend. My whole life I have been the tolerate one, who steps aside so others can be happy. Now a bunch of people are mad at me for applying for the position. Was I wrong? I have been there 8 years, and don't I deserve to be happy at my job?
posted by Amber (age 35) on 4/25/2010 @10:54:07 AM •
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