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i used to be the best student in school my marks always verry great i always had A+ and then i really didntt care about boyes or even relation ships so i was moving on and then i saw that guy i didnt date him and i really didnt tell any body about it and then i started having bad marks first A then B+ then B THEN TO F and my teacher was totally astonished for that so she had a meating with my mother my mother said { she was acting in a very weard way in the last 3 weeks } so they both made up a meating with me and they wanted to know whats my problem i was so confused so i cried and went out my best friend molly tried to know whats up with me and my best friend micky to but i just didnt tell them i told the onley person i trust my big brother he's 22 he told me to forget every thing about him and he doesn't like me to date any body but i just feel that every thing is just messed up i mean the guy that iam inlove with him likes me and i think that he wanna date me but i am just doing what my brother told me . i think that my brother is so jeleous on me so i just know that he love s me but not to that extent . i used to study for a bout 5 houres aday but after i saw that guy i just stayed studing for1 houre and the rest of the time i kept looking at that guy or thinking about him .......... i thinkthat my life became mysrable
posted by sarah (age 12) on 4/30/2010 @4:42:35 PM •
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