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"Friend ??? "
My friend and i went out one nite and her kinda boyfriend was there we weren't there 10mins and she was ready to leave with him knowin we road there with someone else and i only tolerated this person because of her . So i said drop me at home she stated that i was making her feel bad i said as u should your throwing me under da bus for a man . Then the next day we spoke she informed me that she did what she wanted to do.. Now shes asking me to let her wear a dress that i bought for myself as motivation on my weight loss journey and shes using every guilt trip known to man even resorting to keepin our conversations as brief as poss how do i not lose my mind???
posted by a on 5/4/2010 @4:21:07 PM •
You have to be wise with the way react to whatever you do cause she might just be trying to act up to make you feel bad. What you should do if the situation keeps going the way it is is that you should call her and ask her to a night out / dinner with you. At the night out you should talk to her about the way you feel and the way you think things are going between you and her. And lastly let her know how you feel about her boy friend so she doesn't over react when you act weird around him.
posted by Joseph Adedeji (age 18) on 5/7/2010

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