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So I'm 19 yrs old and have yet to have sex. All my friends around me have done it. The problem is I think I'm finally ready to do it but my friends keep telling no don't do it, its wrong and as hey say this I can't think of anything but them being hypocrites and in the end I'm just confused cause I don't want to be the 40 yr old virgin any more basically nor do I want these same friends to still joke around with me that I am going to be the 40 yr old virgin or that I am prude I don't want to be the only one and I obviously can't talk to them. What am I to do?
posted by 40 yr old virgin (but 19) on 1/22/2008 @10:36:57 PM •
Are you a male or female?
posted by pete on 1/23/2008
don't have sex just because. that's not smart. if you're going to, make sure it's someone you plan to be with for a long time. you won't be the 40 year old virgin. at any time, most any guy would have sex with most any girl. it doesn't take a special skill and there doesn't have to be any interest whatsoever. also, sometimes it's good to listen to people who have made mistakes. they might just know what they're talking about. as much as they give you a hard time, they are probably wanting what's best for you- waiting until the right time.
posted by ashlee on 1/25/2008
Hey Virgin,

I'm 33 and I have not slept with anyone. Yes I am rare but it's true. Let me tell you, it is worth saving yourself for that person. When you sleep with someone you are giving not just your body but your heart. Wait til it's someone your committed to. I found my boyfriend and we have waited and we are now going to get married. He was a dog before and said until he met me he didn't believe women were honest and pure. He's totally changed. So it's hard but it's worth it. Your worth it. Most women do it out of peer pressure, social pressure, not loving yourself or just sexual urges. I've been through it all. My mom even said I was a freak or I must have been abused. Trust me it's been hard. But you will get respect and let me tell you men are so attracted to me and they know even before I tell them. 9/10 time they say they can tell by my confidence. And remember dress hot!! Don't be boring and get a life...
posted by lynn-ann on 1/29/2008
No, they are not hyppocrites. They are speaking from experience & care enough about you to tell you you should wait because they probably wish they would have waited. I have lived 20 years without sex & find that it isn't the most important thing in life. The most important thing is enjoying life & wait till you have found that special someone. I respect your friends for sharing that. Don't be angry with them. let them know how you feel & share with them. Good luck.
posted by marla on 1/31/2008
It is your choice when & if you want to. If you truly feel you are ready go for it. But dont do it b/c everyone else is. Do what YOU think you should you dont always have to listen to other ppl....
posted by Kc on 2/18/2008
Do what you think is right. Seriously think about it. Don't just sleep with anyone though. I've made that mistake just like many other people have. You could get and STD and find yourself emtionally hurt in the end. Don't just have sex to get your friends to shut up. Sex is way over rated soemtimes.
posted by Megan on 2/25/2008

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