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"If he cared he would call.. right ?"
ive been talking to this guy for a little over a month now and for the past week he hasn't bothered calling ive called him but he doesn't pick up (we talk every day on the phone till now) .... he talked to me on Friday and on Saturday for like 10 mins but that's it... i just don't know what to do he says he really likes me but in my opinion if he really liked me and cared for me then he would call. why wont he call or just breakup with me idk what to do and i cant breakup with him or talk to him because he doesn't bother calling.. what do i do ????
P.S hes 16 hes never had a gf and i really like him and im trying to cut him some slack but theres only so much i can do :]
posted by Ana on 5/9/2010 @8:10:30 PM •
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