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"to move or not to move Please Help!!!"
I've been with this girl on and off for about 3-4 years now. We started dating when she was 17, and I was 22. About 1 1/2 years into it, I decided to move from MA to Los Angeles for a new change in life. I stayed there for about 9 months and loved it, but moved back for a great job opportunity with a business partner and for her as well(mostly the job) Well after awhile, that job opportunity failed, and we kept dating. This past September she broke up with me because she didn't think she could trust me, because I would talk to girls(as friends, thats it) and other **** thats irrelevant(just trust issues). I'm her first boyfriend, first kiss, first everything, so I've tried my hardest to not hurt her, as well as show her how special she was all the time and how she is my best friend. As all this has been going on, when I moved back from Cali, my dad got laid off at his job, and after awhile got a job down the south, so he moved there and we put the house for sale. They told me once it sold, I had to leave. Well fast forward till December of last year, and the house sold, and I went from couch to couch sleeping at friends, and worse comes to worse in my car. I started appling for better jobs here as well as the west coast, so i can get better pay checks then my full time job I have right now. So her and I, just become friends with benefits for now, as she wont commit back to me. I finally get a response to start a job in cali for decent money as well as I love it more there. I tell her about it, and she freaks out. She asks me to go back out with her...and begs me to stay and says she'll never forgive me and that we can move in together and all this stuff that sounds good...but at the same time not. Now I love her, and wish she would come...but she is in college and doing stuff in her life for the better, while im at a dead end job here being almost homeless. She is my best friend and I dont want to lose her, and when its good with her, its real good. Should i stop my plan to go to cali and stay here? Or should I keep on my path and move out west again. I know this may be confusing...but this is how confused I am. My family tells me to go, but my friends and her mostly say stay...
posted by Bob on 5/10/2010 @1:53:44 AM •
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