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"getting rid of the resentment"
Its a bit of a long story really but I hope someone can help me...I have been with my husband for 6 years and married for 3 years. It wasnt until we got married that he began having his son who is now 9 every other weekend however about a year and a half ago my stepsons mom decided it would be best if he came to live with us on a full time basis. I was all for it as I knew my husband and I could give this little boy the life he deserved (I could go into detail but thats a whole other issue (his mom is a very selfish, money hungry bad word!!!) Anyway about 3 month into him living with us my stepson's mom changed her mind and wanted him back (mostly because my husband wasnt paying her an arm and a leg anymore) so she took my husband to court and they fought a good fight and ultimately she ended up getting custody back and my stepson now lives with her full time again. I have always wanted to show my stepson tons of love and treat him as he was my own but since all the drama and hardship the whole situation last year caused between my husband and I I have so much resentment against my stepson now even though I know nothing was his fault!! I dread the weekends he comes over and I get full of anxiety the whole week leading up to his visit. My husband and I constantly fight when ever my stepson's name is mentioned and I have never hated someone more than I hate my stepsons mom!! How can I stop feeling like this because it really isn't who I am and I'm tired of letting this ruin my life, relationship and happiness.
posted by Christina (age 29) on 5/12/2010 @2:23:32 PM •
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