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"I just cant get a girlfriend"
Dear, I am a little nervous...if i can get a girlfriend...because im a little black..thats all...pls help
posted by simon on 5/14/2010 @8:40:42 AM •
listen you should be yourself around all the girls it deos not matter weather your black or white all i know is girls hate fakes boys who try to be somthing there not be yourself and if that deos not work out then you will find someone who will accept what you are
posted by zahara on 5/15/2010
Your color has nothing to do with you getting a date. I just might be your demeanor. Women are attracted to confidence. Notorious BIG was super ugly, but he had a persona that drew beautiful women to him. When you exude confidence you attract confidence.
posted by Tasha (age 28) on 5/18/2010

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