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"How do I get off the street?"
I have been in the street for the past eight years now.I do not have money to get off the street.I have tried to do some casual jobs,but it has not been successful because of pains i keep having inside of my head,I mean in my brain.My family members have all neglect me.I have been facing this cruel world alone and now I am so confuse and fustrated.Please,I do not know what to do anymore.Please I need your advice on how to cope in this kind of situation that I find myself in or how to get out of it.I sleep in a bus station here in Mali.
posted by Benjamin on 5/15/2010 @7:28:16 AM •
Pray. Pray. And pray some more. God will show you the direction you should go. Start visualizing yourself work and living in a nice apartment. Dreams do come true.
posted by Tasha (age 28) on 5/18/2010

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