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"my problem"
i am fourteen i am in love with a boy who is older than me and he loves me back but my mom won't have it she deos not know i love him she suspects i do she took my phone and my sim then i bought another phone and sim so i can talk to him now my new phone is broken and i have to get some money to buy a new one but i am not so sure this is all worth it because i lie to so many people i love for this boy but we love eachother what should i do ?
posted by sally on 5/15/2010 @9:06:11 AM •
true love, real love contains respect, if this "guy" knows your parents wishes and he hasnt went to them and confessed his "love" for you, then it is my opinion that sneaking around is not a good place to start a relationship. also if this person is over 16 it is very illegal, so if you believe that taking a chance on you guys being found out is worth him spending years in prison( if he is over age), thats not love, thats selfish on your part and naive on his part. the chance that you would wait for him while he sits in jail even for as little as 5 years is really a little silly. my advice.. listen to your parents, believe it or not 90% of parents will not steer the children in the wrong direction. even if you dont see it now they only want what is best and sfae for you.
posted by denise (age 36) on 5/16/2010

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