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"problem with girl"
I have had feelings for a girl in my group of friends for about 2 months now, i'm not sure whether she feels the same way, but this isn't the problem, she in a relationship with my best friend which is about to end but if i ask her out soon afterwards he will be super pissed, we all go to school together so avoiding her would be nearly impossible, do u think i should tell her, stop hanging out with them or something else
posted by sam on 5/15/2010 @7:43:15 PM •
Hi Sam- First of all woman never want to be told, they want to be asked. Second of all, "asking" her to stop hanging with these people is a bit on the extreme end. This might sound crazy, I am not sure how old you are but i would say the best way to get close to a girl would be to be her best friend. I am not saying be her friend for years without making a move but be there and listen to her relationship problems. tell her if she is having a hard time with it you will be a friendly pair of ears that wont judge and will give her advise only is she asks. She will then trust you. Trust is big with woman. If we can trust you it can make it easier to fall inlove with you. As far as your close friend that is dating her, if you feel that this girl feels the same for you then as a good friend you should ask your other friend if he would be offened. Keep in mind your asking him this to just be nice. Your not obligated to listen. If the two of you do go out then as a gentleman you would not openly rub it in your friends face. See how that goes and let me know
posted by amanda on 5/17/2010
Either way you are screwed. You may lose your friend if you are honest with him. And you still might not get the girl. You don't want to be the rebound guy. Wait until they have been broken up for a while. Ask your friend if he minds. And then ask her if she is interested.
posted by Tasha (age 28) on 5/18/2010
when i said the thing about stop hanging out with them i meant me not her if that changes anything please let me know other than that i think that was great advice and i'm gonna listen to it, thanks
posted by sam on 5/24/2010

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