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"dont know the father"
my daughter is 19 yrs old, has 3 kids, her first two were conceived and are the children (dna) of her now ex husband. her third child (and last) was born yesterday, the father of this child lies between two men. one is her exes brother,(we will call him alex.) the other is married with 3 kids. (we will call him carl). carl has said that he wanted the baby to have his last name and wants to be put on the birth cert. this was untill today, mind changer. alex just found out the baby was born and want to visit on friday. my advice to my daughter was to give the baby her last name with no father on the birth certi. untill after dna test was done then she could make a decision then weather or not she even wants either one of these guys in her or her childs life. i realize that there will come a time when she will have a lot to explain but for now her job is to protect the baby from bad influence. im i right. would really hear if anyone has any other advice. really dont want to hear from people with opinons about my daughters life style. would just like to get some advice if you were in this situation. ty
posted by angela (age 36) on 5/16/2010 @7:28:22 PM •
I agree with you. If she gives the baby the wrong last name that could cause pain to the real father. And I have to say I am so happy she is honest about this and is taking care of the DNA so early in the baby's life that is the best way to do this! I hope that the father is who she wants it to be. And just a little something to keep in mind, some states require the baby to take the last name of the husband unless proven otherwise. and if it is alexes baby then she needs to have his name on there to collect child support. best of luck and congrats grandma! Your more than likely the rock in your family so do your best to keep everyone positive!
posted by Jen (age 28) on 6/3/2010

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