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"on hold"
Hi, I have recently asked out a woman by letter and am now in the waiting phase.I understand about the hard to get angle and agree with it.My question is this.What would your advice be on how long I should wait for a response?Is there a "rule of thumb"?
posted by Dave (age 46) on 5/17/2010 @1:28:44 PM •
Hi Dave- If this is local which I am assuming it is because long -distance relationships brim with challanges than I would say no more than 12 days. I say that because you have a couple different angles to look at. First, she might be equally as creative and write you a letter back. Or she could send you a message via e-mail or even be braisen enough to call if you provided her that information. That is a very romantic thing to do Dave but dont allow her more than12 days. You were gusty enough to send the letter asking for some of her time. If she cant see how romantic that is and repspond in a timely manner than you should think about someone that will want to spend time with you and let you know in reasonable amount of time.
posted by amanda on 5/17/2010

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