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"help me"
I am upset right now...I dont think any man has made me this upset. I am dating an amazing person that I love dearly. It was love at first sight which sounds crazy but its not because it was never infatuation. It was I would do whatever I could to keep that person safe and vice versa. He broke up with this leach of a woman that drained him financially for three years. he let it happen but was afraid to break up with her because he thought she was going to do something crazy like kill herself. She was scheduled to move out of their shared apartment today early in the morning. It is now after 4 p.m and she is still dragging her ass out and he is helping her. He took her to lunch and has been trying to be symapthedic for her because he has a bleeding heart. I am mad, how do i stop loving someone. I asked him what was going on this morning and got no word. I dont know what to do. I am fuming...please help me
posted by amanda (age 23) on 5/17/2010 @4:04:22 PM •
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