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"Him, Her and Me"
My best friend and I have know each other for 8 years and have had a beautiful relationship. But we crossed the lines about 4 years ago and had a threesome with a friend of mine. It could have destroyed our friendship, but I think it made it stronger. So fast forward... Two years ago I was in a relationship and she was in a relationship. I told my new man that I was bicurious. She didn't tell her new man. She had been with her guy for a few months before I got with mine. So in the newness of things, my guy and I spent alot of time together. She felt that I was choosing my man over her. Well my relationship was abusive. I was choosing his happiness over mine. But while in this relationship, we discussed swinging. Her and her man. Me and my man. But I left my man before this happen. So last year, things finally came to a head. I was intimate with her in front of her man. I never touched him. Now there has always been flirting between us, but it's usually liquor induced. Things were cool. But I know her man thinks I want her. Which I do, but not if it's going to ruin our friendship.

So this past weekend, we went to the strip club. Got drunk and her boyfriend took advantage of me. He was supposed to take me home, but took me to their house and put me in their bed. So while he was intimate with her (she was passed out) he also felt me up and fingered me. He also performed oral on me. I never touched him. I was to drunk to participate and I was too out of it to rationalize. I didn't really think it was real until the next morning when I soberred up. When I did I told her about it. And things have been crazy since then. Her man claims I am making this up, but I know I am not. So she is in a tough situation and so am I. But I feel he completely took advantage of both of us. So my friend asked me to give her space and she will call me when she is ready. I am going to respect her wishes, but I don't think she will ever call. I think I lost my best friend. Oh and did I mention, her man never likes for us to hang out with out him.... Please tell me what you think. I feel violated and like I just lost a loved one.
posted by Tasha (age 28) on 5/18/2010 @11:22:52 AM •
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