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"i know i can't quit but seems like "
Im a senior in college and still no degree. Im working to support myself and have an apt with my boyfriend. Im the first in my family to go to college and don't really have any support from family, but at same time I feel like Im letting them down because I can't seem to finish. Im not a dumb person, I just worry too much about others and it gets in the way of me doing things for myself. I feel upset all the time because it's so hard to work paycheck to paycheck and still be able to concentrate on school. Its hard and my childhood seems to hold me back. Its been rough and I keep thinking about quitting school. I was told I wont be getting anymore financial aid, theres no way I can finish without it. I barely get enough extra money for gas, ugggh im going crazy and I just need some kind of advice!!!!Please!
posted by Vanessa on 5/19/2010 @6:13:33 PM •
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