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therez this boi i really like and after him being in prison he came out and we got together and after 4 weekz of us being together i found out he was txting other girls and leading them on i forgave him for it but now we dont talk as much as we use too and i dont know were i stand anymore and dont know what to do plz help me??
posted by timisha on 1/24/2008 @4:41:26 AM •
i think you should ask him where you stand in yalls relationship. If he doesnt give you an answer then dump the dude.Thats my personal opion
posted by kat on 1/26/2008
my fiance has been in prision to before we got together and here he cheated on me with his ex after he got out he texted back and forth then they hooked up one night without me knowing i forgave him and we didnt talk very much after i found out and we fought alot you need to invite him over or something and sit down with him and be like i feel like this... or i dont like it when you do this.. he may tell you some things about you that you dont wanna hear but it really helps i mean look at my fiance and i now we are getting married tomorrow and things have been great since.
posted by candi on 2/3/2008

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