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"i can't stop thinkin about her"

Well I am an openly out lesbian and I have a crush on this girl I've known for years. We haven't really been friends more of aquaintenses until recently. We sat next to each other in pychology class and became freinds. Everyday i would walk with her to and from class. If I didnt wait on her she would yell at me. She even made me wait in the rain for her. So we were turning into pretty good friends and when I told her i wasn't going to prom she wouldn't have it. She told me I had to come with her and her friends. She let me borrow a dress and she did my hair and makeup for me. I was her second date she was already goin with this guy. Prom ended up with her being upset with the guy and her either grabbing me to dance with her or her dragging me off because his ass made her cry. Prom ended okay. I just tried to make her as happy as possible. Well by this time i had told a couple of people about my crush on her.

NOw to last night . Last night her mom threw her a lil graduation party. She invited me to come so of course i came. Well after the lil party was done the remainding people started cleaning up. The whole time i was cleaning up she was bossing me around a playfully hitting me. Well then me, her, and her best friend were sitting outside. She whispered to me that last night her friend had told her that she was in love with her. I didn't really know what to say to that. She is not gay. She has talked to one gurl, but nothing ever happened between them. She considers herself straight. I was just like wow thats big news. After everything was cleaned up me, her, her parents, her aunt and uncle, her best freind from around here(the one that confessed her love), her best friend from her old town, and one of her guy friends went back to her house.

At her house her parents, aunt and uncle went into the living room and the rest of us stayed in the kitchin and talked. After a lil bit the adults started to drink and they allowed my crush and her old best friend to drink. They would go in the loving room and take a shot then come back in the kitchen with us. Then we couldn't find my crush or the gurl who loves her. They were outside talking and the other gurl was crying. Well they finally came back in and we all started talking again. Then my crush leans over and whispers to me that her guy friend is kinda cute. I just reply oh. So she asked me what i meant by oh. She was like does that mean your agreeing with me or is that oh as in ok. Again i didn't know what to say. So she asked me again. Again this time i was just like ummm idk. So she asked me again this time she also aked if it meant Im jealous. I really didn't know what to say to that one. Of course i was a lil jealous but I could't tell her that. She kept pushin me to answer her question. I told her it was a combination. So she said your jealouse and what. I told her i wasn't jealous. She said thats not what she had heard. I asked her what she had heard still denying the fact ( i didn't want our freindship to be ruined). So she pulled me closer to her ans whispered that she had heard that i had a crush on her. She then asked me if that was right and told me to tell the truth. So i told her it was. She was like aww and then we went on talking like normal,

Then when it was time for me and her guy friend to leave( i was takin him home) she walked out to my car with us. She yelled at me when she thought i was getting in the car without telling her bye. So i walked over to her and she gave me a hug and quietly told me she loved me. I told her i loved her back and then she kisses me on the cheek. She then told me to txtt her tomorow and walked and gave her guy friend a hug. We then left.

I dont know what to think about last night. I mean she had had 3or 4 shots when she was askin if i was jealous and she had 4 or 5 by the time we left. I don't know if she was trying to make me feel jealous when she talked about her friends or if she was just confiding with me as her friend. Why did she kiss me? I know it was just a kiss on the cheek but most straight gurls wouldn't kiss another gurl that they knew liked them. Would they? Im so confused by this. I know im over thinking everything way to much but i cant help it. I could hardly sleep last nite because i kept thinking about her.

If any one has any advice on this please please share. I would appreciate it very much. Why did she say and do the things she did? Do you think she could like me? What should i do?
posted by Dana (age 17) on 5/28/2010 @4:12:51 PM •
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