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"what do I do?"
I've been dating a guy exclusively for 5+years and still don't have a ring. The funny thing is is I dont know if i even want it now. We recently had an issue were something at work was bothering him and instead of him telling me about it, he decides to take it out on me. Which he does alot wben he is mad, but this time was ridiculous. I don't know if it was because it was the last straw for me but when someone talks to me like i'm slow saying things like"holy **** did you not understand i dont want to talk about it. i don't want to talk to you now. " Just seem disrespectful to me. I put up with alot of things being with him like his non communicating skills, doesn't know how to give compliments, not affectionate, are the things that bother me most. What do I do to get over this last incident we had because i want to get over it. I've invested alot of time in him. I'm 27 and he is too, but he is younger. If that helps you. YOur opinion is greatly appreciated.
posted by veve (age 27) on 6/2/2010 @5:25:32 PM •
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