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I am a 14 yr old girl and scared i might have a std because my vag. smells bad even after taking a shower and i guess i could have gotten it from some guy because they never wear condoms with me so what is the smell from?
posted by beth on 6/3/2010 @2:30:54 PM •
First... PLEASE start wearing a condom EVERYTIME!!! If you dont have one don't do it. There are so many things out there that could ruin your life! Your too young for that. Now on to the problem. Don't freak out yet, this could be something as minor as a simple yeast infection. But either way you need to go to a dr. to be sure. You could try a medicated douch but a dr apt is your best bet! And PLEASE make a promise to yourself to... Always use a condom.
posted by Jen (age 28) on 6/3/2010

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