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"Sleeping at my boyfriends house"
I am a college student and my parents pay my rent. My parents are very conservative and would never want me sleeping at my boyfriends house. My boyfriend lives with his mom down the street from my apartment and his mom does not care if I stay there. I think my mom is starting to think that I stay at his house..especially if we have been out late drinking...she wonders how I get home and asks' all these questions. I really dont want to get caught and I am scared that one day I will. Do you think I should just be more careful or just stay at my apartment from now on just in case she spies on me?
posted by Mary on 6/5/2010 @10:01:13 PM •
This is my opinion, but I think you should tell your mom how you feel, (that you think it's ok spending the night with your boyfriend) and make sure that she knows that you value her opinions and ideas, but this is how you want to live your life. Tell her that you don't want to keep this from her, and you don't want her to get upset, but you want to live your own life freely and be able to make your own decisions without having to worry. She will appreciate your honesty. She might be upset at first, but I think she will be happier that you were honest with her than her having to spy on you or find out from someone else.

Good luck(:
posted by Cassie on 6/28/2010

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