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I am a girl and i dont like other girls but i for some reason have feelings for some of them. I say the phrase "if i were a boy "to imagine up guys that i could be to be with them. It started in 6th grade with this girl whom i was a little obsessed with. I got over it. Then i started to feel for one of my friends. She is pretty cute girl and was kind of mean to me but i just took it because i felt like i was being a good friend and i was trying to be nice as if i was a guy. i nevr want to be with them as a girl but i cant get over my feelings for them so i long for the physicall contact like hugs but i am not wierd about it i know my limits and i dont want to push it further but my mind wants to. i would only do these things if i was a guy. i eventulally got over her too. Now i am in the worst knot of them all. at frist i didnt like her we were just scholl buds. then i we got to know eachother more and i began to like her more and more. all i want to do is spend time with her. it wasnt like this with the others two. when i am not with her all i do is think about her everything reminds me of her or allows me to put her in to a situation or think of what we should do the next time we hang out. ITS RIDICULOUS! and its driving me crazy because i cant even have fun unless she is their. things that used to be fun to me are not as fun anymore. i am crankier too. its not like i am super depressed and just sit in my room and feel bad for myself. but it does kind of hurt me so i am in down. Its weird too cux she ahs changed me. i am nicer to all except my parents willing to help her with anything and do anything with her no matter what or if i even want too. it sounds like i am obsessed but i do belive their is some love in there too.
posted by Freddie on 6/9/2010 @9:49:16 PM •
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