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I am going to a 2nd job interview. I have a dui.It ask on the application if i ever had commited any crimes,I marked no cause i did not want them to find out. If they do a background check they will find out. Should I go ahead and tell them about a misdemenor dui?
posted by tom on 1/26/2008 @10:15:25 PM •
yes! if you don't tell them and they are the ones who uncover it, they would have no trust in you and probably not hire you. either tell them and have a chance or don't and risk them finding out and not hiring you.
posted by sarah on 1/29/2008
Tell the truthe. Everyone makes mistakes, we are only human. If they do not understand then you don't need to work for them anyway. Alot of bosses will give you a chance, don't give up. Good luck.
posted by Marla on 1/31/2008

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