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"please help"
I left my husband of 4 years 3 months ago. I left because he was mentally abusive to myself and verbally abusive to myself and to my 2 children. I had to leave while he was at work one day because I knew he would "lose it". Since then it has been a battle of him being ok with things then going into a "fit" as I call them when he calls me numerous times a day (up to 30 times) and when I answer he calls me horrible names and says things that he knows hurt me. When I don't answer he just keeps calling and calling. One night he called until 4am while my children were trying to sleep! He says that he does that because he loves me and wants to be with me. That he can't think of anything else but me and that he promises me that I will never be happy with anyone else for the rest of my life. That he will make sure of it. Then the next day hes sorry and he will accept what ever I want to do etc. WHAT DO I DO?!?!? I'm trying to be civil for the sake of my children, they love him and I don't want to come between that but I can't take this from him anymore! Please any advice will help!
posted by Lyndsie (age 27) on 6/16/2010 @4:30:16 PM •
Do not go back . I wish I had the courage

wisdom to leave. 1 day I will put my faith in GOD and move onin life.right now bcuz it seem like these men are all we know. I'm sure we will b HAPPY eventually without them.when u ready to give up and let go you will know.think about ur kids u dnt want them growing up seeing this negative behavior that's never going change. LIVE FOR HAPPINESS . N honestly u r not happy
posted by Unknown (age 26) on 6/21/2010

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