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i am totally in love with a guy who my mom eventually hates. i have been with him for almost 2 years now. i love him alot and cant leave him no matter what..we have even decided to get married. my mom knows about him but since his introduction to my mom was quite bad she hates him..i have begged my mom to marry him but she doesnt approve of him and keeps telling me that im not making the right decision .even though he is the most honest and caring person i have ever come across..hes too sweet and charming and respects me and my likes and dislikes he respects my alot too even though she has badly hurt his feelings inumerous times and even threatened him ..i cry alot for him..we are too apart now in two way different countries but my love has grown for him more now...we are still in contact .i just cant leave him and dont wanna make my mom upset..i just dont understan why she hates him soo much even though she knows im not happpy at all without me
posted by nisha (age 18) on 6/21/2010 @4:04:11 PM •
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