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so ive been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now and things have been good untill a month ago when i saw my ex(marcus) and his new girlfriend.. i though that if i saw him i wouldn't feel anything but i realized that it really bothered me to see him with another girl and sense then i cant stop thinking about him. when we broke up we still kept in touch untill i got with my recent boyfriend. Marcus stoped talking to me when he tried to get back with me and i told him i had found someone else. i know it hurt his feelings and i said it anyways because i wanted him to feel the way he mad me feel when he broke up with me.. but now im doubting if i did the right thing because i know that i've never fully gotten over him. should i talk to my ex again or stay with my current boyfriend who i know loves me more than his own life

p.s. i know my boyfirend loves me more than i do him which makes my decision to seek my ex or not more difficult because i dont want to hurt him.
posted by laura on 6/23/2010 @4:11:01 AM •
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