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"If only."
So there's this guy I'm crazy about. We are so similar in music and humor. I would date him in a heartbeat. The problem is that he likes another girl. I know for sure, because I asked him. He said he doesnt date friends, because things get to "akward". The funny thing is that he wants to date this girl, who is his FRIEND.

I've tried to forget him, but I just can't. I really wish he would just like me!!

What do I do? :(
posted by Cassie on 6/28/2010 @2:49:17 AM •
Crushes and loves are hard to get over, I understand and appreciate that. But this guy has already told you he isn't interested in being more than friends right now. He may seem to say one thing and then turn all hypocritical and do the exact opposite, but he may have been into this girl for a while and she gave him the line about "just bring friends". Don't let yourself fall into that rut. Go out with some girl friends, or some other guy friends, and spend less time with this one. There's nothing wrong with being friends, but the more time you spend apart while you're trying to move on emotionally the better.
posted by Caty on 7/2/2010
im sry but he just doesnt like you. move on and find someone better to crush on so that you get your mind of this guy. :)
posted by kelsy <3 on 7/6/2010

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