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"Family disapproval"
I recently joined a dating website because looking in the real world just was not working for me. I met a wonderful guy on there and would love to move things past talking and the occasional date. The only problem is that my family has issues with websites such as this because they think only creepers and sexual predators use them for some reason. How should I tell them about this guy? I would really like to keep him in my life, but I also don't want to upset my family, and I'm not going to lie to my family about where and how I met this guy.
posted by Caty on 7/2/2010 @2:37:44 AM •

I met my husband online and so glad I did it! There are so many different personalities on the dating sites. That's why we take the time to find out who they are before meeting them. There are creeps everywhere! Not just on the dating sites. This is a very common way to meet someone nowadays so the family needs to give your new guy a chance. That is the least they can do! I had a difficult time telling my father how I met my husband. And my husband lived on the other end of the country!! My dad didn't take too well with it at first, but when he realized my husband was here to stay, he dealt with it. Bottom line is that he knew I was happy and that was the most important thing to him. This is YOUR future and your family has to accept that.
posted by Natalie (age 39) on 7/12/2010

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