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"older brother"
my brother got me mad because he has been hitting me and scaring me for a long time . i think its just what older brothers do. its not out of anger or any thing what he doing i think he just thinks its funny but it not. back on to the story i was just tired of it so i pushed him to get his attention and i told him to sit down and i side a few mean things then i made him promise to never hit me or scare me again. then i went up to my room i felt so good and bad at the same time i felt good because i stood up to my self but i felt bad at the same time because what if this was his last day on earth. what do you think should i feel bad or should i not even worry about it
posted by will on 7/13/2010 @11:36:39 PM •
When I was younger my older brother would beat the crap out of me and my younger brother. One day he stopped hitting me, but kept hitting my little brother. He passed on before he could get out of that stage. I think it's good that you stood your ground, but also let him know that you still love him. It will end I hope soon. Good luck!
posted by Nikita (age 35) on 7/16/2010

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