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"Am I a jealous ex gf??"
So about a year ago I met this guy who I ended up being pretty crazy about. We dated on and off for about 8 or 9 months, and really have not spoken now for about 3 months. Nothing has changed in terms of the reasons that our relationship did not work before, but now I'm wondering if I was too hard on him. No relationship is perfect, right? Well now he has just started a relationship with someone new, and this really bothers me. For a few days now I keep picking up my phone to call him, but of course I don't. Am I just a jealous ex gf knowing he might be happy in a new relationship?? Or could I possibly have real feelings for him? I don't want to hurt him again, what should I do? I'm so confused...
posted by Elizabeth on 7/14/2010 @8:46:10 PM •
well i think you have feeling for him and in order for you to successfully move on you need to let him know how you tell him and he doesn't feel the same then you just need to move on to some one else the worst thing you can do is start a new chapter in your life without completely leaving that last alone so make peace with the ex and if not then move on.
posted by michelle on 7/18/2010

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