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My husband and I have planned to move to our property we bought many years ago when he retired. In preparation, we built a cabin and a shop and have stayed there every chance we get. He has worked in construction and I have a home business which I love. We have four adult children who all live away from home. Last year my husband was laid off for 8 months and I got a 'regular' (very stress filled) job to tide us over. He has now gone back to work and would like me to quit my job so I can get our house ready to sell and we can move to our cabin in about 6 months, or as soon as the house sells. My problem? My daughter is having a fit - criticizing everything from my quitting, calling it irresponsible, to our moving away. She is pregnant and I do feel bad about being 900 miles from our grandchildren, but we have promised to return and visit every 3 months. We are not getting younger - we would love to live our dream before it's too late, but I really don't want our children thinking we are irresponsible or uncaring towards our grandchildren. Husband is all for moving, no qualms, but I am a stressed out mess - trying to please everyone and not pleasing anyone. What should I do? I'd love to quit my job and get back to my business, while keeping our house in good shape for the sale. Quit/don't quit, move/don't move - irresponsible/responsible, it's driving me nuts! Please help!!!
posted by Sherri (age 57) on 7/29/2010 @11:39:57 PM •
You need to do what makes you happy. Your happiness should matter to your kids. It's not fair that you hold back because they don't want you to live your life. Go and be happy and finally fullfill your dreams!
posted by Nikki on 8/3/2010

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