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Im in highschool and a teen that lives with my grandparents.I believe I have a blushing problem..wich is where I need help..I don't know if I need therapy...or maybe even see a doctor?
I need to get over the phobia I created on my own..I just can't do it on my own..
posted by Hope (age 16) on 8/2/2010 @9:00:49 PM •
Well Hope I don't really know the specifics so i can't begin to advise you - is it that you are constantly embarassed? Or just that you constantly blush? A lot of people feel anxiety. Its not necessarily a major problem. It just requires an adjustment of thought. so, if its not just a skin problem or something like that, it sounds like maybe you just need some confidence in yourself. Or to learn how to handle stress or awkwardness.
posted by Joe (age 22) on 8/10/2010

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