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"my husband cheated"
well my husband of 6 monthes recentley cheated on me he told me the same day he did it. im 21 he just made 29. the girl was 18. we talked about how other people cheat on thee spouse and we both told each other that we will never do that to each other. he told me if he ever cheated on me he will tell me and he did. he went pick her up and bought us to the home we share with my 3 year old son which is from another person i was with but my husband loves him like if he were bilogically his. well he started crying and said he didnt mean it and he learned his lesson and it will never happen again. were those real tears he was crying or fake ones. how can i trust and beleive him again. what should i do. he said he doesnt want an divorce and he doesnt want to be with anyone else
posted by Marcie (age 21) on 8/7/2010 @4:38:02 PM •
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