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"im not sure if im sane"
i hear voices, screams, and see objects on fire, i want mental help but im not sure if i go to a coucalour if they will dub me insane and send me away, what are the chances of being dubbed insane and being sent to a mental hospital.
posted by Anthony on 1/30/2008 @10:22:30 PM •
I don't think there is anything wrong with you, you could very have a special gift. Seek a psychic before you see any doctors. Listen to the voices, they could be telepathically messaging you.
posted by Marla on 1/31/2008
i'm not sure how easy it is to be dubbed insane, but couldn't you start with your family doctor? you never know - it's possible that a lack of sleep or something really simple could be causing those symptoms. i'm not sure a family doctor has the type of authority to have someone commited, but it might be a good place to start...
posted by james on 2/1/2008

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