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My boyfriend of two years is addicted to Oxy Contin and Percocet. He has two chidren from a previous relationship and I have one and together we had a baby girl a year ago. I found out he had been abusing these highly addictive drugs back last July 2009 and sought treatment with him. I got him off the Oxy as well as a Xanex addiction. Or so I thought. He had been acting weird here and there and just last week he admitted that he is going through serious withdrawls. He has been lying to me for over 8 months. I promised myself I wouldn't go through this with him again and I told him I wouldn't either. I kicked him out of the house but I still love him. He is living across the street from me at his mothers house. I found an apartment to move into and I am so torn to move but I can't afford to stay. I have been paying all the bills for over a year now because he has no job. On top of this my work is changing & I have to pay for day care. He has threatened that it's the end of us if I move. I feel like I need to do what's right for me but I am so torn. He has promised to stop and get a job but what if he doesn't? I don't know what to do. Do i move or give him another chance?
posted by Amanda (age 34) on 8/25/2010 @8:01:21 PM •
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