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"doesn't everyone want to be happy"
hi i'm in high school and daily, i see people who are known for something. They have a distinctive style, they have a certian glamour. I'm not saying I'm a loser, I'm just saying my caliber is sub-par with that of a preppy clone.

As usual it seems people who don't deserve happiness get it and for skills they have aquired through money/ family support.

Well I want this glamour. What can i do to achive glamour + happiness. I love fashion, graphic design, and i just dont know what to do?
posted by ricky on 2/1/2008 @10:22:42 PM •
you'd be really surprised at what you can find at thrift stores. with some experimenting, you may find some glamour for some really good prices.
posted by jamie on 2/2/2008
i know how you feel. i have the same thing...i love seeing how everyone else dresses all fashionably, but i really can't match two things together unless they obviously go together (a pair of jeans and tee shirt). and really, i don't know that i could pull of any of those cute things. so i try to think of it like this...it's so hard and even more expensive to keep up with all of the trends. even though i would love to dress cute all of the time, it's not realistic. actually, the people that i know that can keep up with all of the new stuff and afford it don't have to work and have an endless supply of money. that's not me and, really, when it comes down to it, i don't have the time or energy. don't worry about all of that. keep up with your own style. maybe your looks will inspire someone.
posted by kala on 2/3/2008

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