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"Having A Boyfriend In College"
So I've been with my boyfriend for about a year and half now. I love him to death and he loves me too. He left for the marines back in the spring so we've been a long distance couple for some time. Just recently I left our home town to go to college and now we are having some slight problems. He is becoming a little insecure. One day he just came out of know where and said to me that he would leave me if he ever heard of me messing around with any of the college boys, and would never talk to me again. He also keeps questioning me, which he never used to do.

Insecurity doesn't just lie on his side of the bed. Its on mine too. He's been partying alot lately, and I always think that he's going to get so drunk he doesn't have control of his actions and is going to end up cheating on me. Sometimes I think he already has. I also have a small problem... I'm a little interested in one of the guys on campus. I don't necessarily like him because we rarely talk, but I'm interested in getting to know him on a personal level, and I shouldn't be. HELP ME PlEASE!!!
posted by Teyonna (age 18) on 8/31/2010 @9:52:24 AM •
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