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"hair cut"
Ok so when i made the appt. to get my hair cut i had all day free and wasnt worried about time. But then today i get a call from work and they REALLY REALLY REALLY need me to come in. I have my appt. made for 330 pm and they need me to be there by 5. The lady that is going to be cutting my hair is about 20 mins away from work. so i need to leave there by 4:40. Can i get my hair washed, cut , and dryed in an hour?

I have very fine/ thing hair. The length is abut mid back and i am cutting it all off. to a chin length bob.

should i tell her i need to leave by a certin time? i dont wanna be rude.

i have never used her before she was refered to me by some people i know.

and it took me a week and a half to get an apointment. she seems to be full on all my days off work.

what do you guys think?
posted by nikki (age 19) on 9/14/2010 @9:28:13 PM •
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