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"unemployed college grad"
anyone else a college grad in psychology? I also have 5 years experience in my field. I am over qualified for "survival" type jobs and do not have a master's degree to make the big money. I am caught in limbo and need a job in murfreesboro tn. I have been driving 3 hours round trip with traffic for 5 years car on last leg and pockets empty. can anyone help me? a good job is everything. My life is on hold for now.
posted by tom on 2/2/2008 @9:54:13 PM •
i know someone that was in the same situation you are in. she was way too qualified for everything she applied for. eventually, that perfect job came along. until that happens to you, keep your head up. someone will recognize your talents and want to hire you. good luck!
posted by sara on 2/14/2008
OMG! i am in the exact same situation! Except my degree is in Fashion Marketing and Management. I moved home to get some help with medical situations and i'm trying to just get a paycheck! No one will hire me! It's either i'm over qualified and they don't want to pay me a lot (which at this point is stupid!) or they see "management" in my degree and think i'm trying to take their job! My dad is like just work in a fast food joint. I DONT THINK SO!!! I went to school i want to think there are jobs for me other than fastfood! So Tom when you do figure this out let me know.
posted by Felicia on 2/25/2008
thanks felicia for your reply. Im stuck and sinking fast. I have a college degree I expect it to help take care of me. I dont know anymore. Im sick of worrying every day about it. so depressed. I dont know whats going to happen. I need a drink.
posted by tommy on 2/25/2008
SOO i had a job interview today with a hotel that my grandfather works at. YEs it is not what i went to school for but at this point i'm just happy it pays. I'm pretty sure i got the job, but maybe you should see if you know anybody that could get you any kind of job.
posted by Felicia on 2/26/2008

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