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I love this guy name josh so much we never dated but it hurt's me to see him with other girl's and he has this girlfriend who is so wrong for him she goes see her ex boyfriend will almost every day her and will just got back from Florida like a week ago and be for she went down there she took a pregnant test it said no she was not then when she was down there in Florida she took one again and I don't know if it said yes or no but when she came back here she took one again it said yes so she is pregnant and every body know's and know in my hart that it's not josh's baby it's will's baby and on February 28 her and josh is getting marry. I don't know what to do. can I do something. I can't sit back and watch him marry her and think that's hes baby. I need help. please some one.
posted by Tessa (age 21) on 9/14/2010 @10:54:34 PM •
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