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"losing her...."
Im 35 and my x is 29 we have been together for almost 5 years i love her with everything and unconditionaly.. she wants to move on because of our past problems and i dont know what to do to make things better anymore..all i do know is that i love her and hate to have to let her go...i never cheated on her and never hit her either.. in the begining i miss treated her by not taking time out for her and just trying not to have her around..i was going tru allot of other things and i wasnt sure if i wanted anyone in my life at the time... but things finally turned around and so thats when i started to really care for her... but then i found out she was cheating on me (sex and all with other guy) and lieing .. that destroyed me trust and ofcourse was hardest thing i ever went tru.. but i forgave her and tried to move forward which i think i have.. and now she just says i put her tru to much.... so tell me what am i suppose to do???? move on when i all i do is think of her and i have no other way of taking her out of my mind... my house, clothes, dogs, furniture, everything is associated with her she was and is my complete world... so again what to do ??? how do i win her love again.. or how do i forget??? which all i realy just want is her back...
posted by Alx (age 35) on 9/15/2010 @3:06:31 PM •
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