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"Leaving my husband."
I've been married for three years. My husband is a really great guy. He's kind, smart, has an excellent job... He doesn't drink, he's not abusive. But I'm not happy. It makes me crazy. I've tried to tell him that my emotional needs aren't being met, He doesn't say anything. He stutters, and there are tons of awkward pauses, and he doesn't say anything. Nothing ever gets resolved. I don't know what to do.
posted by Julia (age 27) on 10/3/2010 @11:08:22 PM •
Well you need to talk to him firmly. Sit him down and tell him we need to talk about this now and get over with it. Tell him how you feel. Ask him how he feel. He might be scared that you might leave him for this, he might be as confused as you. Its going to take time to figure it out. MAn work different than women they dont always like to talk about emotion or feeling so keep that in mind. If its not getting anywhere tell him the truth that you feel like they need a break or a divorce and this might help him to speak up
posted by ?? on 11/12/2010

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