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This will probably sound like a pathetic story to many, but still here it goes. I am a 49 yo male, almost 50 years old. Basically I am a semi-skilled person who has worked a variety of jobs over my lifetime. I do have some college, but no degree. This economy has really taken it's toll on a lot of people but even worse on people like me who took education for granted. What short term programs or career, could someone recommend for an individual like myself.
posted by Darel (age 49) on 10/6/2010 @5:40:33 PM •
It's hard to recommend a career path for someone such as yourself who hasn't provided much information about your interests or strengths. Perhaps a temp job like a substitute teacher would suit you, at least for a little while? I don't know how well it pays, but it's definitely better than nothing, and looking at the people who sub at my doesn't seem like you need a lot of teaching experience. An IQ of at least three should do the trick, and here's hoping yours is a little higher than that, so you can eventually move onto bigger things.
I don't know if you're interested in pursuing a college degree or not, but even if you don't want to complete your education, at least furthering it a little can't hurt. (The economy has really taken its toll. Its. Not it's.) I know there's plenty of online courses out there you could most likely sign yourself up for.
Good luck!
posted by Kira (age 13) on 11/25/2010

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