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"is she a she devil ? "
My situation is a tough one has to do with my son , he is 21 yrs old he has a very good heart has a good job.His highschool love broke up with him last January after four years together he was devastated took some time but he's over her, during his sad moments there was a young lady who I noticed was always consoling him on fb and calling him she is 25, well his job takes him to other states and after his last skit out working he came home and told us he had been seeing her off and on. Only problem is ,, she is married with a lil boy. She told him they were seperated and she wasnt happy, supposedly this husband knows about my son from what i get in conversations with her he (the husband) loves her so much that he is willing to keep her with or without boyfriend?? well now the problem she is pregnant and does not know whos baby it is. I think she lies to him about her other life. she keeps holding this baby over his head like its his for sure , yet lets us know shes not sure her family has yet to meet my son with promises of meetings in the near future, she still lives with her husband he works and shes a stay at home mom . All we really know is what she tells us I have been trying to be nice and stay out of this situation as much as i can for I know I could get upset and possibly lose a son over all this. There have been lil things that pop up that make me believe she lies about whats really going on at home and what her family really knows, I am ready to send out an email to her mother with a ton of questions I have asked her many but i think its just a bunch of what she thinks we need to hear and not the truth. I need to tread lightly yet I'd like to scare her butt right out of our life. Help ??
posted by Jo on 10/10/2010 @6:35:32 AM •
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