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"Bad Romance"
What can i do? My best friend has the biggest crush on the guy im really into.. and hes really into my! he told me he loves me today... and my best friend freaked. I was into him first so i should forget her, right? No i cant she is really my bff and alway but ive giving up almost every single guy ive like so she can date him for a week or two then it end badly and the two never talk again. And this isnt just one or two guys, every guy ive ever liked she wanted(except one and thats rare) and i always backed off and watched her make out with a guy i was really into at the time. finally i had gotten into a good relationship( ofcourse with a guy my best frind dumped cuz she didnt really like him but ive liked him for years) and we dated for a right good while until things went sour... hormones(i didnt want sex, he did that simple). it broke my heat and ive turned away every guy sence then, i didnt want my heat broken again.. i dont even think its totally fixed yet. but this guy, the one my bbf has a deathly crush on fills me up so much.. he makes me happy, something i havent felt for a while. and i make him happy, he doesnt have the greatest home life. he tells me that when he sees me he forgets about alll the bad and all he can see is me. We are very close, but we dont go around making it known. Today my so called bff told me to choose between him and her... i feel like i need to choose her because she is my bff and i love her, i would do anything for that girl even if it met death. we used to be closer that sisters, we completed each other... but this happends everytime and idk how much more i can take... plzzzz i need all the help i can get:((((
posted by Sharla Mae on 10/11/2010 @2:31:18 PM •
Well I dnt wanna sound like a real rudde person but yur homegrl aint no homegrl if she be acting like tht. Thts wat I call a backstabbing hoe cus my homegrl did the dame thing to mi n I gave up on the guy I liked n thn I got wit my babydaddy n the **** ****ed him so yur friend n my friend are exactly the same so be happy n for gett bout tht female.
posted by alyssa on 10/22/2010
WOW!!! Thats quite a story you have there! I think that if your BFF was truely your BFF she wouldn't make you choose between her and a guy. It sounds to me like she is using you to get guys and thats not a friend thats a ****. I think you should go for the guy and if she is really your friend she will stick with you through this relationship and learn that she doesn't get every guy she sees. I am sorry you have to go through this and i hope everything goes ok. :)
posted by Sarah on 11/5/2010

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