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"I do have feelins for him!"
Well...This guy has liked me for bout 3 yrs. and i nvr rlly thought of him that way...and now we r rlly close friends.. and i think i do have feelins for him...but im jus afraid to get hurt...

I have had my heart broken to many times and i dont wanna go through that again..but hes a great guy...and im willing to go through it if i have to...cuz i dont wanna think what might have been...

so..I guess im jus wantin to find a way to tell him that i do have feelins for him...i have tried tellin him for the past week...but i get so nervous and i jus cant get my words right and i rlly dont kno what to say...Help?
posted by Heartbreak on 2/3/2008 @11:39:53 AM •
well if u have that much feelingz 4 him tell him how you really feel
before he getz takin
itz ur time 2 t3ll him how u feel gurl
or writ3 him a not3
posted by leilani on 2/3/2008

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